Introducing Chirp: Your all-in-one consumer research platform

Today, we’re excited to introduce Chirp, our new all-in-one consumer research platform.

Modern teams need to move fast, but conducting market research is slow, expensive and well, boring. Most brand managers and researchers don’t have the time to send out briefs, receive quotes and then wait for projects to get off the ground.

Chirp makes market research fast, affordable and fun. By taking a new approach to research, Chirp helps teams collect insights in hours, rather than weeks.

Our simple platform lets you create surveys and tasks, define your ideal target audience and pay for the number of responses you need. Once a project is live, Chirp notifies members of our mobile consumer panel who match your desired audience and starts collecting their responses in minutes.

Since the launch of our platform, our customers have used Chirp to conduct a range of research projects from general consumer surveys, brand monitoring and concept/design testing to in-store research, such as mystery shopping and merchandising feedback.

Chirp survey platform

Our mission is to make answering questions engaging and fun for respondents in our consumer panel, while providing a simple way for anyone to earn an extra income. With its chat style interface, our mobile app offers a gamified approach to answering surveys and earning rewards, which is one of the reasons we can reach young and innovative consumers.

Chirp is currently available in South Africa and offers access to a national panel of over 100 000 consumers.

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